Calling All Equestrians and Horse Lovers!

Liberty Helicopters has partnered with the Tri-State Premier Riding Center (North Jersey Equestrian Center, LLC) to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience Sky To The Stables package aimed at those looking for a city to country crossover. 

Families and friends looking for the ride-of-their-life can now soar to new heights alongside New York City’s unmatchable skyline and famous landmarks on their way to a unique equine experience at the largest temperature-controlled facility in New Jersey. 

For more information on our helicopter charter service please contact us today at or call (800) 542-9933

Sky to Stable Packages at $540 (per person)
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Dads, you have always promised your little princess that elusive pony, now its time to deliver with a one-of-a-kind-helicopter tour perfect for you and a riding, feeding, grooming experience perfect for her. Moms, you have always wanted to dress your little one up like the sherriff of the Wild West and have them pose atop a horse for that perfect photo, well this package completely checks off your list. To further make this day one your little angel will never forget

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Here's How This Exciting Experience Works
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 You choose the pickup location of your flight (NYC’s Downtown Heliport, NYC’s West 30th Street Heliport or NJ’s Kearny Heliport). 

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A Liberty Helicopter will pick up your party, consisting of three to six people (children of all ages are welcomed), and whisk them away through the Big Apple, ensuring you get up close and personal with iconic sites like the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Freedom Tower, etc.

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You will then descend upon the beautiful New Jersey countryside as Liberty Helicopters lands at the Lincoln Park Airport. From there, ground transportation will take you to a 66,000 square-foot indoor equestrian facility.

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Highly qualified professional riding instructors will teach your whole party the basics of caring for a horse, while saddling you up for a riding demonstration (parties can choose between a Western or English demonstration).

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Its high noon which mean it’s time to ‘git.’ Liberty Helicopters will then transport you back to anyone of the previously approved NYC/NJ heliport locations.

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