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Liberty Helicopters: A Company of Giving

At Liberty Helicopters we are committed to excellence in service and providing our customer with the safest and most enjoyable experience possible. In conjunction with this we think that it is equally important to be socially and environmentally responsible. Serving our community we believe is an integral part of running a successful business and is part of our responsibility as concerned citizens. Through the years we have supported and participated in many charitable organizations and events that we feel have the most impact on the wellness and betterment of our community and in turn the world at large. The following is a sampling of areas that we are in support of:

  • Education: The education of our children to promote a brighter future
  • Health and Human Services: Finding cures for disease and illness and the promotion of healthy living.
  • Civic and Community: Donating to the local charities that our customers and employees support.
  • Environmental Conservation: The protection and preservation of our natural resources.
  • Arts and Culture: The development and promotion of the arts and cultural events in NYC

We realize there are many worthy charitable events, functions and causes in the world today. We wish we could participate in all of them... unfortunately we cannot. However, we are always willing to hear about your cause or event so that we can determine if we can participate in some way.

Please submit your charitable request for review to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Friends of Hudson River Park Announces Agreement on Ending Tourist Flights at 30th Street Heliport by April 2010

After April 1st, 2010, 30th Street Heliport to be Used Only for Commercial, Government or Emergency Take‐offs and Landings

Friends of Hudson River Park (FOHRP) announced that they had reached an agreement with the Hudson River Park Trust, Air Pegasus Heliport, Inc. and Liberty Helicopters, Inc. to end tourist flights at the 30th Street Heliport by April 2010.

“This is an historic day for Hudson River Park,” said FOHRP Co‐Chair Douglas Durst.

“Reducing the number of helicopter flights in the Park will greatly improve the experience of those who use the Park, and this agreement is an important milestone towards the Parks completion. I wish to thank all those who worked to forge this agreement including Hudson River Park Trust, Liberty Helicopters, Inc., Air Pegasus Heliport, Inc. and especially our counsels Daniel Alterman and Arlene Boop, and former Friends President Al Butzel.”

“I congratulate the Friends and the Heliport Operators on their ability to reach a sensible and well crafted solution,” said Diana Taylor, Chair of the Hudson River Park Trust Board of Directors. “With this mutually beneficial settlement of a very thorny and complicated issue, I believe this is truly a case of being handed lemons and making lemonade. We preserve the most essential business, governmental and emergency needs for a west side heliport while turning the facility itself into a friendlier neighbor to the park.

Friends of Hudson River Park, a not‐for‐profit 501(c) (3) organization founded in 1999 is the only community‐based organization exclusively dedicated to the creation and preservation of the entire Hudson River Park for the enjoyment of present and future generations. Its mission is to support and maintain the park as a world‐class park for everyone, and represents thousands of supporting organizations and individuals who share its goals.



Liberty Helicopters’ Denise Coyle-Kirby honored by the RSA at their annual Gala.

deniseDenise Coyle-Kirby Director of Sales for Liberty Helicopters was honored at the RSSA Summit Gala with the President’s award for her cooperation with RSAA Receptive Tour Operators in the Non Hotel Category. Denise has been an active member of RSA thru her employ with Liberty Helicopters since The RSA’s inception and in fact this is her second time winning the award!.

We here at Liberty Helicopters are very proud of Denise and know that she comes to us with much wisdom and insight and is known throughout the industry for her professionalism and dedication. Thanks Dee for a job well done!

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