What’s up Jersey gals and guys – it’s Jess here and when you grow up a Jersey gal, with New York City so accessible, you forget to take advantage of all that it has to offer. It’s easy to miss out on all of the adventures since you have been staring at the skyline from across the river, completely desensitized to its history and beauty. However, fact is, individuals from across the globe save up their money and travel inconceivable distances just to get a glance at the hustle and bustle of our concrete jungle.

But one thing every New Jersey resident has to remember is that we live next to arguably the most desired capital in the world in our backyard and we often forget to be a tourist in our own home. And there is no better way to be a tourist than we with an authentic, private or group helicopter tour!

Helicopter rides are without a doubt a memorable and exciting experience. It’s the new way to fly high in the sky.

Liberty Helicopters’ tours allow you the best seats in New York. From a bird’s eye view, you can scope out immaculate views of destinations like Central Park, Ellis Island, the 9/11 memoriam, the Empire State Building and more!

Recently I had the opportunity and pleasure of being chartered on a sightseeing tour through Liberty Helicopters.  During take-off, I say front and center of the state of the art, luxury chopper. As we glided through a beautiful, sunny summer sky, I was offered exhilarating views of Manhattan! It was truly a remarkable and breathtaking moment to soak in the vision of NYC from above. No words would be able to describe it!

Liberty Helicopters’ tours are widely popular and provide custom tours and packages to create a specific journey and visual, personalized for you, your family or friends. The course is up to you, and you can set your compass to anywhere. This makes an amazing gift idea for loved ones or an awesome party package alternative, like for a bachelor or bachelorette group. It’s always more intimate to give someone an experience that they will never forget!

Now, I am working with Liberty Helicopters as a paid endorser to share my high-flying experience through videos and photos. So, to my followers, Liberty Helicopters has supplied me with a $25 dollar-off voucher only for my Garden State crew to use on their New Jersey flights that take off and land from Kearny, NJ. To activate type in – JESS25 – in the in the booking section that states “Apply Promo or Voucher” and just like that you will get $25 off the retail price of your NJ flight. This amazing all-encompassing flight takes off from 165 Western Road in Kearny, NJ and showcases all NYC’s famous buildings, bridges and attractions, heck even Jersey favorites like the Goldman Sachs’ building and the Palisades, while of course the NJ-owned Statue of Liberty is the real main event. Since it is priced at $224 for each person and lasts around 15 minutes, $25 off is worthy discount. I’m telling you that by the end of this tour you will be fist-pumping with excitement.