Dandies, Beau Brummellists and popinjays know how to look good day in and day out, and to do so wardrobe is the key. Every man-on-the make agrees that in order to draw the focus of a room, accessories are the key to conquests both personally and professionally, but a jeweled timepiece or a solid gold tie-bar will only go so far. On May 22, I had a unique opportunity to cross an item off my bucket list and doing so I discovered the world’s greatest accessory. Something that soars above all others, an ostentatious showstopper. And the craziest thing is that it was sitting under my nose the whole time, hiding in plain sight along the banks of the Hudson River. I’m talking, of course, about a helicopter. I mean is there anything more opulent in the eyes of an onlooker? It is literally an accessory to end all accessories and thanks to Liberty Helicopters I was able to look like a baller, linger like a bird high above my own backyard and experience something impossible to ever forget.

I was born in the boogie-down Bronx, having been raised here, I thought I have seen all there was to see and done everything there was to do. Boy, was I pleasantly mistaken. As I stood in front of the Liberty’s luxury helicopter, I remember feeling my gut clenching down, I was suffering from an apparent attack of butterflies in my stomach – Wow, I thought. Last time I had that feeling I was in love. Was this love at first sight? Between a man and his chopper LOL. With that excitement never waning, I fixed my pocket square, unbuttoned my double-breasted jacket and boarded, now with my adrenaline at an all-time high, we took off. The giant monolithic skyscrapers that intimidate from a walking view, retreated in size as we elevated, becoming docile. This helicopter was a bonified lion-tamer, allowing me to collect every single detail of the Manhattan skyline. As we comfortably hovered through the blue of the sky, I was allowed to get up close and personal with all the landmarks that defined the “City of Dreams.” Around one bend there stood the Empire State Building, around another the Freedom Tower, cars looked like those of the matchbox variety as they crossed the George Washington and Verrazano Bridges, planes that lay on the US Intrepid, and the massive carrier itself, were visually digestible in its entirety from only one angle but, of course, I was most interested in seeing the beacon of hope that is the Statue of Liberty. With our professional pilot at the helm, my elation reached its paramount, as we ventured so close to “Lady Liberty” that I’m pretty sure she gave me a wink. Liberty Helicopters’ attempt to foment adventure had worked – I was a believer.

Now, I am working with Liberty Helicopters as a paid endorser to share my life-expanding journey through videos, photos and social media entries. To give back to my communities, Liberty Helicopters has supplied me with a $25 dollar-off voucher so you too can fly in style and take in the rich history of our ever-changing city. By typing in – Dandy25 – in the booking section that states “Apply Promo or Voucher” you will get $25 off your 15-minute flight which starts in downtown Manhattan right off of Wall Street. This flight retails for $224, so I appreciate Liberty Helicopters giving me a nice discount for my family, friends and followers. There are experiences and then there are experiences – this is the latter. Do it and become a believer.